The European Movement Malta and JEF -Malta issued a Joint Media Statement on Europe Day

On this 71 anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, the European Movement Malta and JEF-Malta have approved this joint statement. European unity has served the cause of world peace and strengthened Europe economically, socially and politically. It has permitted Europeans to enjoy unprecedented political freedoms and welfare standards. United and determined the EU member states will overcome the difficulties posed by COVID-19 and the challenges of the global post-pandemic revival.

As the EU launches its Future of Europe conference we look forward to a broad debate and appeal to EU leaders to listen to the grass roots. It is urgent to halt the slide in democratic standards everywhere, to fight racism and xenophobia, extremism and anti-Semitism. The biggest economic challenge is to improve the prospects for our young people.

Whilst the European Union has made great strides in its collaborative measures both in internal and external affairs, JEF Malta stresses that further unity would be of great benefit, providing a concentration of responsibilities and services whilst still respecting the principle of subsidiarity.

Both organizations support the EU’s effort on climate change, the Green Deal, ultimately the goal to ensure that there are no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050 and economic growth is decoupled from resource use.

The EU must strive to achieve strategic autonomy to better protect its democratic institutions and democratic culture.

09 MAY 2021

JEF Malta is a non-partisan youth NGO and student organization at the University of Malta. Internationally, JEF Malta forms part of JEF Europe, a trans-partisan movement and NGO found in over 35 countries, which advocates for a more united, integrated and democratic Europe. The principal goal of JEF Malta is to further the cause of European integration and increase awareness of the EU and EU affairs amongst youths. It is therefore our pleasure to take part in this initiative to celebrate Europe Day as a foundation of greater peace and unity between its Member States.

The European Movement Malta is a voluntary, non-profit-making, non-partisan organization, a member of the European Movement International based in Brussels. It was founded in Malta in 1965 as the Malta Council of the European Movement. It promotes European values and from 1970 to 1987 it campaigned for Malta to give its citizens the right to individual petition to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. On 28 January 1977, the Movement’s general assembly approved a declaration strongly asserting, “that Malta’s application for full membership of the EEC is considered to be most opportune at this particular stage in order to enhance the basis of its role within the Mediterranean and other parts of the world after 1979”. It worked incessantly from there on to see Malta join the EU. Web-page


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